Custom Aquarium Design

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Custom Aquarium Design

Custom Aquarium Design

Custom Aquarium DesignWe are the premiere custom aquarium design company in all of Oklahoma - no job is too big or too small. We have designed aquariums ranging from 2 gallon nano-aquariums… all the way to multi thousand gallon saltwater reef exhibits. We will work closely with you to create your custom aquarium of your dreams. We offer free in home or office consultations to make sure that the custom aquarium design we are planning works perfect in the space it is intended. Whether we are educating you on all of your custom aquarium design options, working with your preferred contractors and architects, or incorporating your custom aquarium design into your new construction – we always make sure no detail is missed or overlooked.


We specialize in the following types of aquarium design:

  • Standalone aquariums with custom stand and canopy trim options to match existing trim and cabinetry
  • 360 degree viewable custom aquariums - whether a cylinder shape, square, or rectangular - we can design it all. We can even design seating options!
  • In wall aquariums
  • Freshwater planted aquariums
  • Paludariums
  • Saltwater Fish only aquariums
  • Saltwater Reef aquariums
  • Custom Aquascaping

Whether designing a freshwater planted aquarium, a paludarium, a saltwater fish only aquarium, or a full blown one of a kind saltwater reef aquarium, we have all the answers and experience to meet and exceed all of your expectations.

We will take the time to understand exactly what it is you want to achieve with your new custom aquarium, then design every aspect of the aquarium for you including; custom cabinetry, rockwork and aquascaping, lighting, filtration, and all of your livestock options. We custom design every aquariums filtration system to guarantee long term success. We don’t cut corners like our competitors who tend to use flex hose drain lines and vinyl hose return lines, because all of these connections can corrode, come apart, and leak. We always suggest using glued PVC plumbing and fittings when designing and installing your custom aquarium and filtration. This guarantees a much cleaner looking install, as well as guaranteeing your aquarium is leak free!

Let us blow you away with our Custom Aquascaping Techniques

One other unique skill set we offer that our competitors don’t is custom aquascaping! Anyone can create a rock pile by just stacking rocks on top of one another, but we can design and build you a one of a kind custom rock structure specifically for your aquarium. Custom aquascaping is far more beneficial to your entire ecosystem and much more appealing to look at. All our methods are 100% completely reef safe.

Here are a few benefits from custom aquascaping:

  • More efficient flow and circulation
  • Less dead spots due to lack of flow
  • More efficient use of space and more swimming room for fish
  • Better efficiency in nutrient delivery to filtration system
  • One of a kind sweeping arches, overhangs, pillars, complex cave systems

We also offer Incredible Paludarium designs

Maybe an aquarium filled with water and fish isn’t what you are looking for. We also offer a very interesting spin on the typical aquarium design. We are the only company in the OKC metro that specializes in the design and installation of Paludariums. This new concept uses an aquarium as an enclosure to showcase some of the most beautiful flowering plants on the planet. It has a very modern look, and is a beautiful addition to any home or business.

Let us help you build the custom aquarium of your dreams!